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        Dongguan Xuzhan Precision Metal Component Ltd.
        Add:Shanwu Iudustrial park shi-
        jie Town Dongguan city Guangdong
        T e l : 13829115905
            +86 769 86314168
            +86 769 86304300
        F a x :+86 769 86317928

        Dongguan Xuzhan Precision Metal Component Ltd. is a high starting point, high investment, ISO 9001:2008 certificated high-tech CNC machining service company, which is located in Shanwu industrial park Shijie district of Dongguan city, the manufacturering center of the world, enjoy very consummate supporting facilities and convenient traffic.

        Xuzhan Precision holds the faith of striving for top position in the field, follow the management concept of cultivating the sense of excellence, good living and working habits, confidence of daring to think and do, pursuit of excellence by innovating, Integrity of treating customers with absolute sincerity. With precise machining to pursue perfection working attitude, strong maneuverability, rapid and flexible response capability, integrate various industry-related resources like raw materials, forging, casting, lost wax casting, die casting, metal stamping, powder metallurgy, profile extrusion, surface finish, anodizing, electroplating, painting, polishing, heat treatment, etc, and incorporate our own great advantage of multi-faceted machining ability like CNC turning, CNC milling and grinding, to provide a platform of high-tech processing service like supermarket for various industries, especially for those who need middle and small batch parts but require high precision.
        High flexibility is our advantage, lean manufacture is our principle, satisfy customers is our pursuit, achieve win-win situation is our goal. After years of development, Xuzhan Precision has occupied favorable market in vavious industries for high end precision metal parts supporting, like Petrochemical Equipment, Construction Machinery, Aviation Equipment, Industrial Connector and Communications Equipment. Meanwhile, we actively cooperate with the customer's R & D, and assist for further improvement, in order to ensure the customer required parts cost-effective.
        During all the manufacturing processes, Xuzhan Precision focus on the quality, we care for customers' requirements and the product special characteristics, set up the control plan accordingly and implement it in the processes, normally we utilize quality tools: APQP, CP, MSA, SPC, CPK, PPAP, KAIZEN & PDCA.

        Facing the new developing opportunity and the new challenge, the company will still hold the management idea that pursuing high quality, advanced technique and truehearted management. With the belief of complete devotion and pursuing excellence, the company tries her best to improve the facilities, technique and management abilities. Faces to the markets all over the world and forms the core competition of 'XuZhan Precision Metal' to keep the satisfy from customers with excellent products and service.
        XuZhan Precision Metal--- Excellent Quality, Heart to Heart Service!


        Feel free to contact us if you are looking for a reliable manufacturer in China to offer you below services:

        CNC machining,precision machining,precise metal parts machining,mechanical parts machining,metal parts CNC turning,metal parts CNC milling,metal parts fine grinding,stainless steel parts CNC machining,aluminum parts CNC machining,brass parts CNC machining,precision parts machining & surface treatment,precision parts machining&plating,aluminum parts machining & anodizing,SST parts machining & hardening,metal parts precision die casting & maching,etc.



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        Address:Shanwu lndustrial Park Shijie Town,Dongguan City,Guangdong Province, China
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